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Business financial tools
all in one place

Employee cards, invoicing, accept card payments, budgets, bill pay, banking, and automated bookkeeping, all in one place.


Debit Cards


Pay bills

Automated Bookkeeping



(Coming soon)

Accept Card Payments 

(Coming soon)


Applying takes less than 10 min, no credit check, no minimum balance, & no hidden fees.

PROFIT is not a bank, it is a financial technology company. We have partnered with Synapse Financial Technologies Inc and their partner bank to provide banking services through Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

Your Money & Data Are Safe


Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by our partner bank Evolve Bank & Trust Member FDIC.

U.S. Real-Person Support

Call (800) 899-4054 to talk to a real customer support agent,
Mon-Fri 9 am-5:30 pm EST.

Security & Privacy

We use bank-grade security encryption. Customer privacy is a top priority.  

Give your employees debit cards you control

Set spending limits and fund their physical or virtual cards in seconds.  

Invoice software shown on a desktop email view and mobile app

Invoicing and payments

Get paid via credit card, debit card, or ACH

Only 2.49%, no hidden fees

Invoicing software included, no monthly fee

Create, send, and track all your invoices

Create Budgets

Control your spending by creating and funding budgets

Track spend by employee, category, and merchant in real time

Assign and unassign employee debit cards to budgets for better expense tracking

Eliminate employee reimbursements by giving them their own company debit card you control

Funds employee cards and budgets on the go via text message

Expense management showing budget breakdown

Bookkeeping done for you

We reconcile all your PROFIT transactions

P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements automatically generated

Built-in accounting software, no integration required

Free standard bookkeeping, customize financial statements for $89/month

Free bookkeeping done for you with our smart bookkeeper Ires
Small business banking dashboard showing net invoice and employee debit cards

*Bank services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC, founded in 1925

Modern banking*

Two free checking accounts with physical and virtual debit cards

Employee debit cards (physical and virtual)

Employee logins with permissions

Deposits FDIC insured up to $250,000

Real-person account manager available for personalized customer service

Receipt management

We automatically request and collected receipts from employees via text

All receipts automatically attached to the correct transaction

Send receipt request reminders to employees in one click

Receipt management showing reconciliation via text feature
Text messages showing employee debit card funding via text message

Fund employee debit cards on the go

Approve or deny employee fund requests in seconds with a tap

Monitor your employees' spend in real-time

Requests are automatically routed to the budget owners

How does it work?

How we compare

Features chart showing how PROFIT compares to competitors

Meet Ires, your AI-bookkeeper

Ires (Intelligent Reconciliation Embedded System)

Chart showing all Ires features, smart free bookkeeping software

Ires saves you $41,000+ a year

No more integrations or hidden fees.

in savings


✓ No integration required

(Based on the national bookkeeper average salary)

in savings


✓ Built-in accounting software

(Based on a basic $37 monthly subscription)

in savings

Budgeting Software

✓ Built-in budgeting software

(Based on a promotional $100 yearly subscription)

in savings


✓ Built-in invoicing software

(Based on a basic $30 monthly subscription)

in savings


✓ Built-in receipt management

(Based on a $9 per use monthly subscription)

Modern banking that saves you
$2,000+ a year

Our financial platform is designed to increase your profits, with our unique features and savings opportunities.

in savings


✓ Up to 2 free checking accounts

(Based on 2 accounts, $25 per account per mo.)

in savings

Debit Cards

✓ Up to 5 free employee cards

(Based on 5 cards, $10 per card per mo.)

in savings


✓ No minimum deposit required

(Based on two $34 NSF fees per mo.)

Request a personalized

Get all your questions answered by one of our team members.

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What is the total amount you invoice all your clients monthly?
What are your company's estimated monthly expenses?
What's your time zone?

What businesses are saying

[PROFIT] shaves off so much time, it’s so convenient, and then, of course, it’s tracking individually what every person is spending.”


Theresa McFaul
Owner, Mai Vu Plumbing & Construction

Frequently Asked Questions
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